Our Products

Copper System

Category 6A, Category 6 and Category 5e Premium-Line Cabling System delivers end-to-end solution for converged networks with high flexibility and proven interoperability to ensure smooth deployment and simplified management. Professional design and advanced leading processes supported by large manufacturing capacities evoke the products to be in great demand.New products development and constant process improvement are two key approaches to maintain the company’s competitiveness.  

Fiber Optic System

Premium-Line Systems GmbH offers the wide range of solutions to build structured cabling system based on fiber-optical technologies. Here you can find a complete description of the company’s products. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Data Center

There are no doubts that the date center market is developing. There are plenty of prerequisites for this: data transfer volumes are growing, cloud solutions are developing, new technologies are appearing so the higher capabilities are needed. At first thought it may seem that SCS is not very important in data center projects, because this passive equipment takes up only 4% in the constructions. It is customary to pay more attention to air conditioning and power systems. And this is precisely the main

Industrial Solution

The industrial segment has a lot of features and deserves special attention. To be a successful company means to rely on the market requirements and quickly respond to all changes. Achieving these goals involves the control of all production processes and product supply. These goals require reliable and high-performance information systems.


As a core part of the entire cabling system, cabinet are widely used and also take an irreplaceable role in the equipment room. Nowadays cabinet not only has the simple function of storing devices but also can provide protection, electromagnetic interference shielding, and arrange equipment orderly to facilitate future maintenance.